Changes to the Rules of Golf

The 1st January 2019 sees the introduction of the new Rules of Golf. The game is intended to be played in the same way and to the same ideals (Honesty, Integrity, & Principle), but there are some changes, which we have summarised in a simple guide.  This simple guide is not exhaustive, but our assumption is that you already know the basic rules of golf and so we only describe below the main changes which cover the most common situations. We also recommend viewing the video, which summarises the 20 most important changes.

Rules of Golf 2019: resources

Simple Guide to New Rules Rules overview from the R&A
Rules of golf (players edition)* R & A Rules Academy
Apps for your phone USPGA rules and decisions website

* A6 pocketbook copies can be obtained from the clubhouse

YouTube Video (9 minutes): The 20 Most Important CHANGES by Yves C. Ton-That

Competitions and handicap rules

Local Rules
Competition Rules
Temporary Local Rules (Preferred Lies)

Men's Competition Formats Ladies' Competition Formats
Seniors' Competition Formats Winter League Rules
CONGU Manual Recording of Non Qualifying Scores
Appeals procedure for handicap changes