Charnwood Forest

Hole 6 - Hangingstone

PAR 4 S.I. 1 449 YDS
PAR 5 S.I. 14 472 YDS
PAR 5 S.I. 4 410 YDS
PAR 5 S.I. 5 429 YDS

For the men, this is deservedly the SI 1 and hardest hole on the course.  The 6th hole is a long par 4, with out of bounds all the way down the left and heather beds and thick rough all down the right.  On the back nine the 15th is played as a par 5 and the tee provides spectacular views over the surrounding countryside.  Take your medicine from the rough, as playing an attacking shot often results in a double bogey.  The fairway slopes from right to left and in the summer you get a lot of run on the ball, which can take it down close to the OOB wall.  Aim to the right when playing into the green; shots to the left often run down the bank leaving a difficult chip back onto the green.

Pro tip:  aim your tee shot to the right hand side of the fairway with a bit of draw.  The ball will run to the left of the fairway, leaving a perfect angle to attack the green.  Your second shot is likely to be a long iron, which needs to be aimed at the two trees to the right of the green, again with a bit of draw.  A shot directly at the flag, which pitches short generally ends up down the slope to the left of the green.

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