Charnwood Forest

Hole 7 - Grunters

PAR 3 S.I. 7 202 YDS
PAR 3 S.I. 8 192 YDS
PAR 3 S.I. 16 170 YDS
PAR 3 S.I. 7 185 YDS

Grunters is a long par 3 played from elevated tees to a narrow green which has slopes from left to right.  It requires an accurate long iron but some will need a driver!  There is a steep slope on the right hand side, which will throw the ball down towards the rough.  On the left there is a shallower bank which can provide a landing area.

Pro tip:  A good line is just to the right of the big oak tree in front of the green, with a little fade to bring the ball back to the flag. Look out for the pin position to decide the safe side to miss.  If you short-side yourself, you will have almost no chance to get up and down by pitching up the bank from the right hand side.  The borrows on the green generally make the ball turn towards Loughborough (right).

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